Highland 60

Close and personal with Sasquatch's Highland 60

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Sasquatch Campers' Highland 60 series are off-road overland camp trailers built to withstand exploring the backcountry while providing the comforts of a bedroom. This includes a 60" (queen) mattress, heating, and ventilation systems, and 70 cubic feet of storage, plus plenty of other amenities and features.

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Electrical System

Power Switch
Sasquatch Campers' Highland 60 electronics system is stored inside the built-in tongue box at the front of the trailer. The whole of the electronics system is controlled by a simple power switch. The starting point, or to turn the power off, is with the switch straight up. Then turning counterclockwise 90 degrees, the "1" position is DC power and DC charging, which is the solar charge controller. Turning clockwise 90 degrees from the starting point, the "2" position is AC power, which is short power charging and the inverter. Opposite the starting point, straight down is position "1+2", linking the AC and DC power together and is the most common setting used on the trailers.

The electronics system contains a Renogy battery monitor, which shows the battery percentage and amp hours, as well as how much time there is left with the battery given the current draw and how many amps are either being drawn or charged with. The Renogy battery comes standard as 200-amp hour which can come in a gel battery or a lithium battery. Lithium has Bluetooth built into it so the battery can be monitored from a phone.

Lighting and Features
Inside the tongue box there are two lights, one on each side, with independent light controls. Attached to the front of the exterior of the box, there is a bulkhead to pass through electrical cables to plug into the inverter while also keeping the side box doors closed. The most common item people want to plug in are Christmas lights for the awning. There are short power connections to plug in and charge the batteries as well as a solar panel connector directly below. Sasquatch Campers supplies, with our ProX model, two solar panels as well as 20ft leads.

Solar Power and Bluetooth
On the inside of the tongue box, opposite the power switch, there is a solar charge controller as well as Bluetooth connection. If the solar panels are plugged in, it allows Bluetooth connection on phones to be able to view the panels. There is also the Renogery DC-DC battery charger, which will charge the battery while the trailer is hooked up to the tow vehicle.

Check out our YouTube for more details on the Highland 60 trailer's Electrical System!

Back Features and Suspension

Spare Tire and Bike Rack
Every Sasquatch comes with a full-size spare tire which oftentimes can be swapped out to a different tire to match up to the bolt pattern of the trailer's wheels. The Highland 60 also comes with a two-inch bike rack receiver and one inch aluminum recovery points in the bumper for some light recovery.

Corner Steadies
The back of the trailer has Arch dropdown corner steadies which are integrated into the bumper. This means that the corner steadies are folded up and they are completely out of the way and won't be damaged or knocked off when navigating trails, plus they are extendable to level out the rig for sleeping.

Each trailer has two independent suspension coil overs designed in-house by Sasquatch Expedition Campers, specifically for the camp trailers. They come with electric brakes controlled by the driving vehicle, plus a hand parking brake and a breakaway switch. The coil overs have five inches of travel.

Check out our YouTube for more details on the Highland 60 trailer's Back Features and Suspension!

Kitchen and Back Storage

Switch Plate
The switch plate on the exterior of the Highland 60 trailer includes a USB charge port and 12-volt power plug-in. There are controls for the flood lights, which allow for ground and area lighting on the back of the trailer as well as turning on automatically, in a dimmer setting, when the vehicle is put into reverse. The switch plate also has a switch for the ground lights, which are dim underbody lights that light up the perimeter of the trailer to give softer area lighting without being blinding, as well as a switch for exterior lights above the kitchen.

Kitchen Accessibility
The kitchen is on the back of the trailer, accessible by unlatching the spare tire rack, which locks into place once opened, with a fold-down stainless-steel prep table attached. The rear door to the kitchen is held tight by compression latches with an automotive seal and can be opened up and locked into place.

Kitchen Features
On the inside of the door, the ICECO fridge is strapped down and can be moved to the ground to free up some more counter space. The built-in sink comes covered and can be opened and usable with on-demand hot water. There is a Furrion 3-burner cook top stove and above it, push-to-open drawers with drawer dividers and three cabinets for kitchen storage. The middle cabinet doesn't have a shelf, whereas the two outer cabinets do.

Kitchen Controls
The controls for the water pump sit on the back wall, plus the fridge on/off power supply switch, kitchen lights, as well as table lights. One table light is above the fridge on the rear door and the other above the prep table. There is also a water level gauge to the 36-gallon water tank, which is integrated inside the frame of the trailer, and a 120 volts outlet for the inverter.

The Squatch Box
Up top, above the kitchen, sits the "Squatch Box", which is designed to hold a custom-made camp table as well as two solar panels.

Check out our YouTube for more details on the Highland 60 trailer's Kitchen!


Tongue Box Rack It's important to highlight some features at the front of the trailer, starting with the tongue box rack. There is plenty of storage up top; people put generators, firewood, and totes, and there are strap points built in to strap those items down while in transit.

Hitch The hand parking brake, located at the front of the vehicle, comes in handy when camping and the trailer needs to be repositioned and locked into place. There is a heavy-duty Ark XO off-road jack, breakaway switch, 7 pin connector, and a full 360 articulating hitch, which articulates left to right as well as front to back.

Check out our YouTube for more details about the features on the front of our Highland 60 trailer!


Rear Side Box and Shower
Each side of the Sasquatch Campers' Highland 60 has an 11-pound propane tank to supply on-demand hot water. The rear side box contains an on-demand hot water heater as well as shower controls; directly above is the shower closure for privacy while showering outdoors. The door to the side box is designed with detachable tension cables so it can be used as a ledge to hold soaps while showering, or the tray can be disconnected to allow the door hang, which gives more space for showering.

Front Side Box
The front side box is open storage and, if requested, Sasquatch can install adjustable shelving options, holding up to two shelves. Each side box has premium compression latches as well as automotive seals to keep the water out. They also have independent light controls to turn on any one of the side box lights.

Side Rack
Our expedition side rack is designed to hold anything that can be bolted onto the rack, including Rotopax and recovery gear. It is popular to put a tube and secure long items such as tent poles or awning poles on the back of the rack. On top, there is a super heavy duty, 3/16ths aluminum roof rack with five crossbars, capable of holding a rooftop tent.

Entrance Doors
There are two entrance doors, one on each side. They come with a screen door and a latch on the outer door, allowing the door to be held open while keeping the screen door shut. The doors also have push-to-open windows that are designed to still be functional when there is weather, pushing open from the bottom while still being attached at the top to create a small canopy. The doors have a deadbolt and a latch-lock built-in, plus a light above the door, controllable by the inner light switch.

Check out our YouTube for more details about the features on the side of our Highland 60 trailer!


Inside the Sasquatch Highland 60, there is plenty of space for interior storage and cabinets. There are three cabinets above the bed for ample storage, especially of larger or more bulky items. There are two side pouches, one on each side of the bed, to hold smaller items such as phones or wallets. Behind the head of the bed, there is a large shelf for even more storage plus being easily accessible.

Switch Plates
There are two separate switch plates inside, one on each side of the bed. Each plate has a USB and a 12-volt power plug-in for easy access. The plates also have light switches for the exterior lights above the doors as well as switches for the interior lights. Above the switch plates each side also has its own specific, individual reading lights.

Heating and Ventilation
Additionally, the Highland 60 comes with heating and ventilation. The thermostat sits near the foot of the bed and is hooked up to the 11-pound propane heating system that allows the trailer to be heated. The fan is right above the head of the bed and can be opened up and allows for ventilation inside the trailer. The trailer also has a fire and carbon monoxide detectors on the ceiling and near the foot of the mattress.

Check out our YouTube for more details about the interior of our Highland 60 trailer!

The Highland 60 series is made to elevate the overland camping experience. Sasquatch Campers' builds each trailer in hopes to provide the best backcountry experience possible and are always looking to improve and adapt.