SasquatchXC Highland 60

SXC Offroad Trailers

Unlock boundless adventures with SasquatchXC - your ticket to Overlanding farther.

Our cutting-edge design rocks lightweight aluminum with an in-house engineered suspension system that's a Boss, providing all adventurers the tools for exploration. Meticulously handcrafted for strength, SXC prioritizes your safety and control during every journey. Setting the gold standard, our camp trailers stand as the lightest in their class, boasting industry-leading storage capacity. Not to mention, our campers outshine the competition with the largest instant-setup kitchen, unparalleled cab space, and a commitment to excellence where others compromise. Elevate your exploration with SXCs - the pinnacle of innovation and reliability.

A cutout of the Highland 60 Offroad Trailer in white HIGHLAND 60 STARTING AT $49,500


A cutout of the Smuggler Offroad Trailer in black SMUGGLER STARTING AT $38,500


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